Terry Marshall Campie & His Experience With Memory Gardens (MG)

Do you know that Terry Campie increased sales for MG by 30 times? This happened when he was the President of Memory Gardens (MG) in Iowa City, Iowa on May 1, 1990.

You may hear it a thousand times that “Great things take time” but Terry is a live example of that. Terry Campie was in 8th standard when he first started earning as a dishwasher in Tony’s Taco House, located in Camanche, Iowa.

He used to live with his grandfather and he was his first tutor. When he died, Terry had to fight the challenges alone and then he joined Swift Company, a turkey processing factory in Clinton, Iowa.

His grandfather accentuated the value of arduous work and was the most principal factor in Terry Campie’s later owning several companies in Iowa and in the United States Virgin Islands.

Coming back to the topic, Terry Marshall Campie began his entrepreneurial career in the cemetery and was elected as President of Memory Gardens Cemetery (MG) in Iowa City, Iowa. At that time, he was also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Memory Gardens Group Incorporated (MGGI).

He was responsible for the operations of all cemetery operations including grounds maintenance and development.

Terry Campie’s leadership meant MG became the Midwest’s highest-selling cemetery beating all of Iowa’s longest-established and larger cemeteries in pre-need sales. Terry Campie’s success in this area was a result of devotion by him and his employees to providing the best and most affordable care in the industry.

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