Terry Marshall Campie – Buying to Sell

If you are thinking about buying a business to own and operate and reap the profits? Consult Terry Campie for a greater possible greater goal. But why Terry Campie? Let’s look at his background.

          Raised in the small Iowa town of Camanche, Terry Campie had no particular affinity for education. Yet, committed to the investment, Mr. Terry Campie completed his Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) evenings while working full-time as an electrical engineering technician for Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric in Davenport, Iowa. Then went on to graduate from the University of Iowa’s Master of Business Administration also studying evenings. He also pursued his Ph.D. in Business Administration.

          Although education contributed to this strategy, it was Terry Campie’s experience that yielded the results that should most interest you. Mr.Terry Marshall Campie owned businesses in Iowa since 1990, often extending his client base to 5 contiguous states.

          After Terry Campie sold his first successful business, he had an epiphany. The payoff from selling his business exceeded the many years of actually owning the business! Yes, Mr. Terry Campie discounted the future earnings to compare, and sure enough, the payoff was better.

          So rather than focusing on the buyer’s strategy, Terry Marshall Campie focused on what met his goals of providing for his family. How does that work?

          After discussing it with Mr. Terry Campie, here are the basics. Terry Campie looked for companies that had positive cash flow, ones that banks would finance, and ones that could grow by a pointed acquisition plan and an innovative sales program. These components amply explained, allowed for the parent company to build a minimum of 3 years of strong financial statements by developing a strong history of revenue growth and market penetration. But why?

           Terry M. Campie says financial statements that demonstrate steady and rapid growth send a signal to the market (potential buyers) this company has identified and exploited a niche. And if it can be proven, by hard work, that niche can be occupied even in a market dominated by work players, it brings a highly diversified buying pool.

   To know more about this strategy. See Terry Marshall Campie’s net Blog at www.Campie.com, or www.TerryMarshallCampie.com, www.TerryCampie.com. Until then, seek Jesus!

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