Terry Marshall Campie: Buying to Sell (Continued)

Previously we were discussing Terry Campie’s approach owning a business, he calls, “Buying to sell” And we are suggesting you consult Terry Campie for a strategy that goes beyond the traditional approach of owning and operating a business.

  To review our previous post, Terry Campie looks for companies that have positive cash flow, ones that banks will finance, and ones that can grow by a pointed acquisition plan and an innovative sales program. These components Campie explained, are chosen exclusively to broaden the market for potential buyers. Particularly, this will make your company attractive to publicly trading companies, in turn that can change the value of your company significantly!

Terry Campie

Why would a publicly traded company be interested in your small company? Terry Campie explains it this way.

Larger companies may times seek to grow by acquisition and by sales, just like small companies. If your do your job, build verifiable strong financial statements to a level of revenue that will contribute significantly to the largely company, you are essentially doing their job for them. Terry Campie sayslarger companies looks at your company through their “Economies of Scale” lens. Think about it this way.

Terry Campie

Large companies hire sales managers, marketing personnel and salespeople to increase revenue. Often, they do this geographically. Us with smaller companies, we want all the customers near us. Larger companies want that and all the geographic pieces and the states around them. So, Terry Marshall Campie says, if you can build a company that holds a significant market in a geographic location, you offer the larger company a piece of their puzzle – a geographic puzzle! You are helping them complete their puzzle! And Terry Campie says, “That has value… a lot of value!!”

So, are you building a company solely to sell to a publicly traded firm? Terry M. Campie says emphatically, “NO!”He says the goal of this strategy is to increase the market OF BUYERS , not just larger companies, for your company when you are ready to sell. Mr. Campie says under this approach, every operating decision you make from the first day you buy your business should have thisemphasis – what will attract the greatest number of potential buyers? This key will when you are selling your businessfor the highest price and terms.

Terry Campie then explains this strategy parallels what God instructs us to do as followers of Jesus. Campie point to his Bible, specifically 1 Peter 2:5 and says, “Just as this strategy focuses on us making business decisions that pleases the future buyer; God says in His word we, as followers of Jesus, are to seek “what pleases God”. Terry Campie says when you follow God’s model, you can never go wrong

In the next blog, Terry Campie will detail further the “Buy to Sell” of owning a business.

          To know more about this strategy. See Terry Marshall Campie’s net Blog at www.Campie.com, or , www.TerryCampie.com.

And as always, Terry Campie says, “Seek Jesus!”

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